Undecember, Line Games’ Hack and Slash ARPG reaches three million pre-registrations

Undecember, Line Games’ Hack and Slash ARPG reaches three million pre-registrations

Undecember, Line Games’ upcoming hack and slash ARPG, has already crossed over three million pre-registrations in under a month. It is set to launch on January 13th in South Korea with a global launch planned sometime in Q1 2022. Pre-registrations are open worldwide.

Recently, Undecember hosted an online showcase on YouTube which featured all the new content and optimizations that will be available at launch. The game held its first unboxing test in October and Need Games has worked on all the feedback received during the test. Additionally, the developers have also revealed that Undecember will feature support for 21:9 widescreens and specific UI optimization for gameplay on the new foldable phones.


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Like most games now, Undecember will also feature a paid battle pass that offers exclusive in-game items, cosmetics, and various convenience features. Where it diverges from most RPGs is the ability to customize from the ground up. With over a million different gear and Rune skill combinations, players will be able to completely customise their characters in accordance to their playstyle. The game also contains multiplayer modes like Chaos Dungeon, Raid, Spire of Barrier, Crusade of Glory, and Guild War, which will feature group as well as PvP battles, which will be added via continuous updates.

Undecember is set in the dark fantasy world of Traum, which was created by 12 godly beings. Its inhabitants lived a peaceful life for centuries until a 13th god – Serpens showed up. He was evil and his only goal was to destroy. The 12 gods toiled hard to beat Serpens but it ended with all of them falling into an eternal slumber. Players must band together and use their knowledge, power, and use special Zodiacs to reawaken these deities. Unbeknownst to them, Serpens would also rise once again when all the gods are revived.

Pre-register for Undecember on the App Store and Google Play now.

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