Disney releases free Tron iPhone game in the US


Disney releases free Tron iPhone game in the US
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Disney is not immune to the current wave of '80s remakes and semi-sequels that’s plaguing Hollywood, following new Karate Kid and A-Team movies with Tron Legacy, a follow-up to 1982’s sci-fi cult classic Tron.

It’s all relevant, though, because Disney has just released Tron on the American App Store, a tank combat game with online multiplayer and some titbits to get you in the mood for the upcoming movie, hitting cinemas this December.

In typical Tron style, the description is a sneaky code for cyber hackers and lightbike riders, spewing out the details of the game in a string of binary numbers. Someone who paid more attention in computing class than me, in the iTunes comments, deciphered the message as "This TRON app will evolve. ComiTRON coming 072210."

Which undoubtedly means that during San Diego nerd-fest Comic Con, on July 22nd, the App will be updated with new content. Disney intends to continue adding content up till the movie’s release, including premium DLC through in-app purchases.

You can get it right now from iTunes, but it's only available in the US App Store. Follow our guide to making an American account, if you’re interested.