It’s no Tip And Tuck

Scrub up and prepare to save lives in Trauma Center: Under the Knife

It’s no Tip And Tuck

Despite its gristly undertones, plenty of people are looking forward to turning their styluses into scalpels for Atlus’ operation game Trauma Center: Under the Knife. And with the company keen to highlight what should prove to be an innovative experience even for the DS, director Kazuya Niinou has been out on interview duties - in this case with US website Next Generation (www.next-gen.biz).

In the interview he explained, as with real surgery, the game will involve fast and precise movement of your stylus. “The patient’s condition will be worsening every second,” he said. “The player must work quickly as well as selecting the correct instruments to save lives.”

No medical knowledge will be require though as you’ll have help from an assistance on the top screen. Equally despite its realistic subject matter, it’s shouldn’t be seen as a simulator. “We didn’t go to operation rooms to gather information,” Mr Niinou explained. “We wanted to give players the feeling of what an operation might be like but we did use medical documents and got advice from surgeons as well.” As for what it will feel like to play, he reckons it will be heart pounding and addictive. “And I hope people get a sense of achievement.”

Still being prepared in the maternity ward, Trauma Center: Under the Knife should be delivered into the UK in early 2006.