Cut and Stitch with DS

Your stylus becomes a scalpel in Trauma Center

Cut and Stitch with DS

Surely one of the most bizarre games planned for DS is Atlus’ Trauma Center: Under the Knife. As you might expect from its title, it’s a game that uses the DS’ touchscreen and stylus in a particularly innovative manner, as you take the role of a doctor saving lives in an busy operating theatre. And it’s going to get even busier soon as a mysterious outbreak sweeps through the city, forcing you to deal with dozens of medical emergencies.

As expected, your stylus becomes a razor-sharp scalpel, which you’ll use to make incisions to remove diseased organs and tumours. Using the touchscreen, you can also transform it into different medical instruments so you can anesthetise body areas before cutting, as well as sewing up the wounds after the operation and applying bandages.

Through these procedures, there’s a storyline which keeps the action frantic, and as part of this, in between patients you’ll have to deal with senior doctors checking up on your performance, as well as other strange characters from the hospital. Some of them will also help you during the operations, giving advice and warning when you’re going wrong.

But hey! Let’s not get too serious. Trauma Center: Under the Knife is a game after all so you’ll also be able to replay the operations to try and improve your fastest times and become the best doctor on the block.

Trauma Center: Under the Knife is due for release sometime before the end of 2005.