Journey to a magical 10th-century kingdom and thwart goblins and dragons in tower defence title Toy Defense 3: Fantasy [Sponsored]

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Journey to a magical 10th-century kingdom and thwart goblins and dragons in tower defence title Toy Defense 3: Fantasy [Sponsored]

If you're a massive fan of strategy titles and you download tower defence games from the App Store on a regular basis, there's a very good chance that you're already more than familiar with the Toy Defense series.

More than 15 million gamers from around the world have played at least one of the franchise's instalments, after all.

Anyway. Melesta Games has recently released a third entry in the popular series, and it represents a slight deviation from its two predecessors.

Unlike Toy Defense and Toy Defense 2, which feature battles from World War I and World War II, respectively, Toy Defense 3: Fantasy is set in a magical 10th-century fantasy kingdom that's filled to the brim with pesky green goblins and mighty dragons.

Playing as a Richard the Lionheart-esque commander in Toy Defense 3: Fantasy, you have to recruit and train a fierce army of wizards, archers, and healers that are capable of taking down waves of invading trolls and mercenaries.

Naturally, there's lots of strategy involved in Toy Defense 3: Fantasy. You can upgrade your veteran warriors during battle and improve their abilities, for example. Furthermore, you can utilise six different tower power-ups, which enable you to develop unique and - hopefully - impenetrable defences.

And here's a tip straight from the horse's (yes, Melesta's) mouth: "Don't let foes get through your line of defence - build a crushing barrier in their path with your best archers and wizards. Give the grisly monsters hell!"

Toy Defense 3: Fantasy may sound like a pretty standard tower defence outing, but it's packed full of interesting levels and a whole horde of gameplay bonuses that make it stand out in Apple's extremely saturated App Store.

The latest instalment of Melesta Games's tower defence series is also packed with social features, of which the developer is rather proud.

You can, for example, invite a friend along to join you in the game's magical world and then choose whether to co-operate with her or compete against her and her hand-picked legion of soldiers.

Melesta Games intends to extend the life of Toy Defense 3: Fantasy via free content updates. In fact, Melesta Games plans to release lots of interesting updates for different holidays, and eventually introduce some new levels and even worlds to the mix.

In addition, Melesta Games will release Toy Defense 3: Fantasy on Android, Mac, PC, and Windows Phone.

If you own an iPhone or an iPad, then, head on over to the App Store and download Toy Defense 3: Fantasy right this second for £1.49 / $1.99.

You may also want to keep your eyes peeled for a special free-to-play version of the game, which is expected to debut on the App Store in January.

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