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Tower of Wishes 2: Vikings, the sequel to the relaxing match-3 puzzler, launches on iOS

Tower of Wishes 2: Vikings, the sequel to the relaxing match-3 puzzler, launches on iOS

A sequel to the original match-3 game of the same name, Tower of Wishes 2: Vikings is set to launch for iOS alongside a PC port as well. Developed by Ironcode Gaming, this particular puzzler hopes to be nice and calming, with a gentle tone and atmosphere that keeps you relaxed and makes for a pleasant experience.

This tone comes despite the rather intense backstory that finds your character making their way to the titular Tower of Wishes. You come here after losing your Viking raid party in battle, that sank into the ocean when it tried to flee. You then find yourself washed ashore on a mysterious island, with an even more mysterious tower that reaches towards the sky. Seeing no other way forward, you decide to explore it, and will climb it bit by bit by doing various puzzles, mostly consisting of the familiar match-3 format made popular by games like Threes! or Bejeweled.

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That is not the only puzzle format featured, however, as you’ll also be doing a bit of pipe, memory, chain solitaire, and slider-based mini-games. This means that Tower of Wishes 2 offers up a lot of variety and different ways to tease your brain so you stay engaged, but never frustrated. All of these puzzle formats are well-known and popular enough that none of them will trouble you to the point of tearing your hair out.

To help out the relaxing vibe that Tower of Wishes sports, there’s some lovely visuals that are all equal parts mysterious and calming. With vistas that overlook the gorgeous island the game takes place on, lovely fancy tower halls and rooms, and beautiful beaches, your eyes are in for a treat. Your ears are as well, as the music within this title is phenomenally crafted to ease you into immersion, keeping you in the game while also completely at ease.

All of this makes for a lovely little puzzle romp that will get you absorbed in the story as well as the brain-teasers while also acting as a sort of zen relaxation technique to ease up after a long day. If that sounds up your alley, Tower of Wishes 2: Vikings can be found for free on the App Store. As of right now, there’s no word on an Android version, but there is a PC port on Steam if you’re looking to get your hands on it without an iOS device.

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