Tower of God: New World releases new update with the Zahard Royal Enforcement combatant Vivi

Let's see what Vivi brings to the collectible RPG

Tower of God: New World releases new update with the Zahard Royal Enforcement combatant Vivi
  • Daughter Slayer Vivi joins as a new SSR character
  • The Untrustworthy Room episode concludes with this update
  • Several limited-time events organised

Netmarble has just released a new update for Tower of God: New World, which brings more content from the popular series to the collectible RPG. This patch is set to introduce a brand new teammate alongside a bunch of in-game events and expansions to the main storyline.

The latest character to join Tower of God New World is the SSR Daughter Slayer, Vivi. She is a purple element ranged hero who wields a spear. Vivi is part of the 13th Division of the Zahard Royal Enforcement. She always thought she’d be the princess of Zahard but was unfortunately disowned by her family. Now, she uses her teleportation and AoE skills to deal hefty damage to opponents.

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In commemoration of Vivi’s addition, a release check-in event will be held until June 19th. Keep logging into the game to get your hands on 40x Vivi Hot Deal Summon Tickets and 2,000x Suspendiums. On the other hand, the Vivi Boost Missions Event is perfect for obtaining the new character up to three times simply by completing a few quests.

Meanwhile, the campaign expands with Main Story Act 8-2, which marks the end of the Untrustworthy Room episode. It comes alongside the New Kid on the Block side story, which delves into Vivi’s character. In addition, the Revolution Expansion mode will now feature six stages of base nodes, allowing you to further improve your players’ skills.

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This update’s seasonal dungeon is Edahns Revolution Room, through which you can gain an exclusive buff growth system called Blue Orb. And to top it off, a hot new fire-themed costume for Yiwha Yeon is being granted as a login reward to everyone.

Download Tower of God: New World now for free by clicking on your preferred link below. Visit the official X page for more information.

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