Tower of Fantasy reveals first look at Nan Yin, the villain in the upcoming v3.4 update

Tower of Fantasy reveals first look at Nan Yin, the villain in the upcoming v3.4 update

Tower of Fantasy’s version 3.4 update, Butterfly in the Abyss is a week away from release and Level Infinite and Hotta Studio have just announced a fresh new addition to the patch. Besides all the new explorable areas, players will also face challenging bosses, one of which is Nan Yin. Her character will release simultaneously with the update on November 21st.

Since v3.4 in Tower of Fantasy is based in Marshville, it only makes sense for the new villain to have ties with the region. Nan Yin was originally the Overseer of Yuheng in Marshville and the previous Lady Baihu, meaning she was respected by everyone across Domain 9. However, she disappeared two years ago when she stepped into the Black Jade Ruin by herself.

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Nan Yin has since returned, but she is no longer the same person. Described as ruthless, cold, and mysterious by many, Nan Yin is unfortunately an enemy now. Besides her eerie intuition powers, she also wields a flute that can command the dead. All this makes Nan Yin one of the most horrifying foes in all of Domain 9.

Meanwhile, the developers are also preparing for Thanksgiving 2023 as a way of showing their gratitude for the constant participation and support from everyone. ToF will feature the Season of Golden Gratitude events, where several sporty minigames will go live. Players can take part in these activities to get their hands on bucketloads of goodies such as Red Nuclei and Special Vouchers.

Tower of Fantasy’s version 3.4 update will release on November 21st with an expansion in the Forbidden County of Marshville where numerous secrets are hidden. Besides Nan Yin, the half-human and half-fish creature, Merbelle will also be waiting to fight.

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