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Torchlight: Infinite talents guide

Torchlight: Infinite talents guide

Are you looking for a Torchlight Infinite talents guide? There are 3 different gaming styles here: attacking, defensive and balanced. In order to be effective against your foes, you should build your character in Torchlight infinite using various skills and talents.

In this guide, you will learn all you need to know about talents in Torchlight: Infinite. This article suits both newbies and experienced players, so let’s get started!


You need to choose the talent line in Torchlight: Infinite as soon as you select your primary character in the game, and this choice is crucial. Talents allow you to shape the character, aiming it at more defensive or aggressive gameplay. Using talents, you can improve your hero's weak points, which is vital if you want to be effective.

For example, you need to increase health points if you want to play in Torchlight: Infinite defensively. If you prefer to be a damage dealer, which is not recommended for beginners, you should improve your attack and speed.

And if you prefer a balanced style, consider improving DPS and health. The fact is that on the second line, DPS is a vital characteristic. And remember that the battle's result significantly depends on the second-line heroes. Therefore, you should be skilled enough to play this role.


Even though it might seem pretty straightforward at first glance, there are various details and features you need to know about talents.

The fact is that there are 6 different talent trees in Torchlight: Infinite. They are named “God Trees.” At the moment of writing, the following ones are available:

  • Goddess of Darkness
  • Goddess of Hunting
  • Goddess of Knowledge
  • God of Machines
  • God of Might
  • God of War

Moreover, every tree is divided into 3 different panels. And in total, there are 24 talents on every God Tree. Therefore, you will never have problems choosing the perfect talent for your character.

For the first panel, you can choose 1 out of 6 available. Talents from the first panel will play a central role in the development of your hero. If you're a beginner and don't know what to choose, the developers have created a unique system that will suggest the best talents.

Surprisingly, this system suggests really relevant talents - you can use them even if you are an experienced player. For example, if you play using Berserk Rehan, the game will recommend you pick the God of Might talent, which is a good choice for this hero.

As for the second panel, you can choose from a few talents that will be unique to your character. Of course, picking the second talent is important, but it is not as vital as the first one. Fortunately, the game will suggest some talents for you as well.

The third and last panel is customisable. Here, you need to opt for a few unique talents and there are no limits on what talents to choose. You can opt for the strangest combinations and play using them. Also, when you're picking talents in the third panel, the game won't give you any suggestions - only you can decide which talent to pick.


Skills are the second system you will use to build your character in Torchlight: Infinite. These will be unlocked while you unlock talents, but this system is way more straightforward than talents.

In Torchlight: Infinite, there are 8 skills: 5 active and 3 passive. First, you should unlock and update your active skills. After that, you will be able to choose a passive skill, which will be used to improve the active skill.

The fact is that you need to consider a lot before choosing a support skill. In Torchlight: Infinite, various passive skills do not improve the primary skill. For example, if you combine the Black Hole with Multiple Projectiles, Projectiles will not give an improvement to the main skill.

Therefore, carefully read the description and combine only strong skills. And if you make a mistake, you can open the skill menu and change skills at any time.

In conclusion, the talent system is one of the most exciting things to dive into in Torchlight: Infinite. This helps you improve your hero and make him or her more powerful in order to progress in the game. You should definitely spend your time in Torchlight: Infinite trying to unlock all skills and talents. And while you're here, you can also take a look at the best class in Torchlight Infinite, as picking the right one for your playstyle will make the gameplay more enjoyable.