Torchlight: Infinite's new City of Aeterna season is now live

Torchlight: Infinite's new City of Aeterna season is now live

XD Games has just released Torchlight: Infinite’s highly anticipated update that brings a new season to the dungeon-crawling ARPG. Titled The City of Aeterna, this new patch transports players to the ruins of a once peaceful place, where unknown enemies lurk in the dark. To help them, new heroes and loads of loot have been added to the game this season.

Players won't just be visiting ruins in the City of Aeterna season in Torchlight: Infinite. They will also help rebuild the lost city and restore it to its original glory. The region is full of secret passages waiting to be unlocked, with bucketloads of rewards hidden within them. Plus, there’s also a random map with endless tower levels that provide a new challenge.

The big bag of this update is The Lone King, the new season boss. He’s not going to be easy to get to as players must surpass various hurdles on the path that leads to him. Only on completing the bonus objectives will hunters finally be able to face off against this monster. And as always, a plethora of hidden treasures will be awarded to everyone who enslaves the demon.

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To help out in this tricky battle comes a new hero, The Forsaken Iris. She is a strong Spirit Magus hailing from another world. She is a formidable combatant who is capable of summoning Spirit Magi into battle. The more players use her, the more powerful these followers become thanks to the dynamic growth mechanic.

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Another feature hunters should look out for is the Flame of Pleasure Hero Trait. It is available for Gemma players and causes surrounding enemies to be engulfed in a blanket of fire. Other than that, players can take a peek at the new season pass and its rewards, and the Psalms of Aeterna Talent Panel.

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