Top Trumps shuffles onto iPhone with Dinosaurs, James Bond, Supercars and NBA decks

Dinos for free, pay for the others

Top Trumps shuffles onto iPhone with Dinosaurs, James Bond, Supercars and NBA decks

My childhood love affair with Top Trumps, the stat-based card game, continues to come back to haunt me.

For one thing, UK publisher Connect2Media and developer Mobile Pie have just released a iPhone game with various decks; for another Pocket Gamer is involved in putting together a new free deck based on legendary iPhone games (of which more will be revealed later...).

Deal me in

For the time being though, we're focusing on the Top Trumps Collection, which has just been released.

It's the simplest way to get playing as it's free to download and contains the standard dinosaurs pack. This has you battling dino cards, using scientific stats such as height and weight, as well as more guestimated ones, like killer rating and intelligence.

As with all Top Trumps, the Classic mode of the game has you choosing what you hope is the best stat on your card and if you beat that stat on your opponent's card, you get to keep it and continue your turn. The person to gain all the other's cards is the winner.

New tricks

Helping you in this goal are a couple of options we didn't play at school, such as peeking at the other person's card, boosting the stats on your card, swapping cards with your opponent, or skipping your card for the next. You can use these options once per game.

Other play modes include a Quick mode, where you each only have seven cards, a Time Attack mode, and a Remix mode where you get a random bonus option for each turn. There's also a local multiplayer mode. Leaderboards and achievements are supported via OpenFeint, Facebook and Twitter.

However, dinosaurs aren't the only pack that's available. You can buy a James Bond pack and a Gumball 3000 Supercars pack, and if you're in the US, you can buy an NBA pack too.

You can purchase these as standalone apps, or as in-app purchases from within the Top Trumps Collection. They cost $2.99, €2.39 or £1.79 per deck.