Toon Blast: cheats, tips and tricks

Blast through all the blocks in your path

Toon Blast: cheats, tips and tricks
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Toon Blast is an ever popular match-3 game with colorful graphics, a lot of current, active players, and many power-ups to master! The game has a bunch of levels and a lot to do within it, all around matching blocks, gaining combinations, and making sure you survive the level. Passing a level and gaining the most stars possible is the best way to play the Toon Blast, but I am sure you came here to find some cheats, tips and tricks to help you get those stars more easily!

Toon Blast Cheats

Now, just so we start off on the right foot, cheating in games is not a good way to go. Cheating can result in your account being banned, the game not working correctly for you, and other issues that can end up ruining the game. Instead, we are going to focus on tips and tricks so you can do your best while not breaking any rules! There doesn’t seem to be any widely known cheats in Toon Blast anyway - so I am sure you are not missing out. Let’s get into some tips!

toon blast cheats and tips

Toon Blast tip No1 - Start at the bottom

When you start a level, it’s worth working from the bottom up if possible! Working from the bottom will allow more blocks to move and drop, so that you have a better chance of working with more blocks and getting bigger combinations of the same colored blocks together. It might seem like a simple tip, but it’s a great way to start yourself off right!

Always plan ahead

Puzzle games are puzzles - they are games about thinking one step at least ahead of where you currently are. When you are looking to get rid of a group of bricks of a specific color, look for a way to get combos! If you can’t see any combos, find ways to work around smaller groups to make them bigger, to make combos that are more useful for you. If you have several groups of combos lower down on the bottom of the screen, you can make combos at the top as to not alter the bottom of the screen. Planning your moves will make you more efficient in the long run!

Combos, Combos, Combos

Combos are a really powerful way to play the game, especially at the start of Toon Blast! Everytime you merge 5 or more blocks, you will unlock combos that can help you clear whatever target you are looking for. You will need to do this by looking at blocks that are near each other and connecting smaller groups to make bigger groups.

Think about the combo that will best help you and focus on getting that! Rockets (5 cubes together, showing a rocket symbol) will allow you to clear a vertical or horizontal row, but the position of the rocket is random. Bombs (7 cubes together, showing a bomb symbol) will clear the 8 blocks around the bomb itself. Disco ball (9 cubes together, showing a disco ball symbol) will clear all of the blocks of the same color as the disco ball on the board.

Though these combos are useful, there are DOUBLE COMBOS which are even more powerful in the game, as long as you pick combos that will help you out! You can combine any of the above combos with another combo (even one of the same kind) to make double combos within the game These are normally quite useful, so it is worth making sure that you do save up combos if you can easily make a combo nearby!

Hopefully, this advise will mean you don't need to know any cheats or hacks, as you can grow your ability to be able to beat any level thrown at you! 

By the way, if you need help downloading Toon Blast we got you covered!

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