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Toon Blast: How to get free lives

Grab yourself some free lives in Toon Blast with this article

Toon Blast: How to get free lives
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Toon Blast is a colourful, popular match-3 game full of cartoon characters and many, many levels of matching chaos! It is one of the top-grossing games on the AppStore at the moment, so there sure are a lot of people currently playing the game! As you play Toon Blast, you might find yourself running out of lives, so we have compiled a bunch of ways for you to gain more lives, for free, without purchasing them in the shop!

You can have a max of 5 lives on your character, with a slot for free lives to claim whenever you want.

Wait it out

Toon Blast will give you a free life every 30 minutes, as long as you have a slot for that new life to go into. You should be able to see the countdown to the new life next to your current life counter.

Ask your Club

Once you reach level 21 in Toon Blast, you can join a club. It’s up to you to pick an active and big club to be a part of. Every 4 hours, you can ask your club for up to 5 lives. They can then reward them to you, and you can use them whenever you want! You may also want to send lives to your teammates, when they ask, as this will cost you nothing (the lives don’t even subtract from your own lives) and you will also get coins for helping each other out.

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When you open team chests, star chests or chests from completing levels, there is a chance you’ll get lives (along with the coins and power-ups found in them) which can then be used whenever you want. Though it is rarer than a handful of coins, it’s still possible.

Pay the price

Finally, though not free, you can use in-game coins to refill your lives, though you do have a limited amount of coins. If you want to pay real money, you can also purchase lives in bundles in the store, but again, this is not free at all!

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