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Toon Blast: How to get free coins

Looking for free coins in Toon Blast, we've got some tips for you

Toon Blast: How to get free coins
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Toon Blast is one of the most popular games currently on mobile devices. This colourful match-3 puzzler is full of cartoony characters, power-ups, lives, and everything that you’d expect in a match-3 style game. There are currently a lot of people playing it as well, which means that you won’t be alone in playing the game.

While you play, you might be watching your coin counter go up! You need coins for a lot of power-ups, so you might want to know how to best get them! Apart from purchasing coins with real money, there actually are a lot of different ways you can earn coins in Toon Blast, but first, what do you spend them on?

toon blast free coins

What you can purchase with coins?

In Toon Blast, you can use coins to purchase boosters - which are the power-ups that you can use in-game. There are a variety of different boosters that all do different things, depending on what would help you best at that moment. You can use your coins to refill your life if it is looking a bit low, which will help you play longer. If you have failed a level but could complete it within 5 extra moves, you can use your coins to continue with those five moves. Lastly, once you are level 21 and above, you can use your coins to create a new team, to help each other out and chat about the game!

Getting free coins

You can get a bulk of coins for connecting your Facebook account to the game, though this will only give you a burst of coins at once. Joining a team for the first time will also give you a one-time boost, so if you haven’t done either of these and are low on coins, now is the time! Otherwise, you will always get coins for helping teammates fill their life requests in your club, though it will require you to have an active club. Opening up Star or Toon chests can result in coins, as can revealing a Coin card in the daily bonus card flipping game, which happens once a day.

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