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How to download Toon Blast

How to download Toon Blast

How to download Toon Blast
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Toon Blast is a very popular, match-3 style game with a cast of colorful and cartoony creatures who showcase in it. Despite the game being a simple match-3 game, there are a bunch of power-ups, different cubes, combinations of special blocks and more to keep things interesting! You can also win and unlock chests and find more and more challenging levels, so it is a good game for those who like match-3!

However, you might be wondering how to download the game, and actually, it’s pretty easy.

how to download toon blast

Step 1: Make sure your device can download Toon Blast

Toon Blast can be played on both tablets and phones. The system requirements of those devices need to be iOS 10.0 or later on iOS devices and Android OS 4.4 or greater on Android devices. As long as you have devices with these versions, you should be good to go. In which case, you can move onto step two below.

Step 2: Download the app!

Navigate to your devices’ app store and search for Toon Blast. This should bring up the game, by Peak Games. This should be the first game that comes up, really! You can then download the game.

Step 3: Launch and play

Once you have the game downloaded, you can launch it and play it! There is no sign-in required, though you can link your Facebook account to the game, if you want.

It’s as simple as that, you should be able to break blocks and move forward as much as you want, now that the Toon Blast is downloaded on your device. I know I have been having fun with this game so far, so hopefully with this little how-to you can start playing as well!

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