16bit cannon sim Tiny Empires looks to out-smart Angry Birds


16bit cannon sim Tiny Empires looks to out-smart Angry Birds
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Next week, Crescent Moon will publish an Angry Birds-alike that looks to have more smart ideas than Angry Birds ever managed in its six year history.

Tiny Empires is a one-touch physics puzzler about firing cannonballs at castles filled with baddies. There are different kinds of projectiles, and ammo is sorely limited.

So far, so Birds.

Tiny Empires

But the game also has allies and hostages that you'll want to keep safe, so you have to shoot carefully. And it has different enemy types, like stone golems, and crow riders, that require different attacks.

Not to mention the big beholder beasties that patrol the sky and, when shot, crash down and explode on the ground. A smart tactical twist on the action.

Tiny Empires will have 80 levels at launch. And an upgrade system where you can boost the power of your cannon, and outfit your troops with stronger gear to help them survive your mortar blasts.

Tiny Empires

The game - developed by Brazilian outfit Mgaia Studio - is out now on Windows Phone and will hit iOS and Android next week.

Tiny Empires will cost £2.29 / $2.99.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
Mark Brown is editor at large of Pocket Gamer