Time Defenders, a tower defense RPG, opens global pre-registration

Time Defenders, a tower defense RPG, opens global pre-registration
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The soon to be released tower defense RPG Time Defenders has officially opened pre-registration across the globe following a successful year in Japan. The development team Vespa, creators of another popular mobile RPG King’s Raid, are looking to expand to the global market after releasing the game to positive reviews.

Time Defenders is set to be one of the next big anime RPGs, combining elements of traditional team-based party gameplay and tower defense mechanics to equal out into a tactical JRPG inspired mix. With over 70 characters to choose from, the party building part of the game will specifically be the most strategic portion as you’ll have to combine a mix of these characters to utilize their abilities efficiently and surpass challenging levels.

The story of Time Defenders takes place in Tokyo after it is destroyed by a disaster in a spacetime rift and the primary antagonist, Ordo, from an evil dimension. You will be working with a character named Metheus, the leader of the titular Time Defenders, to save all of the citizens of Tokyo from complete-time annihilation and fight off Ordo’s evil to completely restore peace to the city.

With a story spanning the cosmic timeline such as this, you can expect a lot of intense story beats as you connect with your party members and unlock their backstories, learning how the collapse of spacetime has affected them. If you’re a fan of JRPGs, tower defense, or strategy games in general, this one looks right up your alley.

A pre-registration campaign is also being held for Time Defenders that will give all pre-registrees one SSR Hero Summon ticket for the gacha system, 3,000 diamonds, and 5,000,000 Gold, both of which are an in-game currency that will help you get more upgrade materials and better your chosen party.

If you’re looking to pre-register for Time Defenders and get these free goodies, you can do so on Google Play as well as the game’s official website for iOS, so get your sign-ups in now and get ready for some intense strategic gameplay coming later this year!

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