First PSP screens of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 07

We're not out of the Woods yet

First PSP screens of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 07

Video game golf is about one of the most relaxing of digital pastimes. We found last year's saunter through Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 05 (the superstar strokeman's last PSP offering) so pleasant, we were almost too laid back to write the review afterwards.

No such luxuries for EA, however, which has to find a way to pep up its digital golf games on an annual basis. Little has been specifically said about the PSP version of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 07 to accompany these new screens, but the emphasis seems to be on more graphically and sonically realistic golf courses, and giving us more of them too. (Well, they could hardly improve the weapons…)

New content includes 21 new courses and 50 golfers. The PSP version also enables players to challenge the world's top golfers, whether at home or on the go, or even on the golfing green for that matter.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 07 is scheduled to tee off on the High Street in October.