Mobile MMORPG TibiaME coming to iPhone in 2010

Java and Symbian players to get improved graphics too

Mobile MMORPG TibiaME coming to iPhone in 2010
| TibiaME (iPhone)

CipSoft's mobile MMORPG TibiaME has been around since 2003, but it's about to get its biggest overhaul, at least in terms of accessibility and graphics thanks to the release of high resolution version, which will be released in conjunction with an iPhone app.

Currently, the 50,000 subscribers have to use either the Symbian Series 60 or the Java client to connect to the game, which enables you to playing as a warrior or wizard, performing typical RPG activities such as exploration, levelling up, fighting and chatting.

"We had already planned to create a new client in order to fully support devices with bigger screen resolutions, so the decision to develop a high resolution version with touchscreen support has been a no-brainer," says Benjamin Zuckerer, the game's product manager.

The iPhone client will be released in early 2010 as a free app, although there is also a subscription fee for access to some content.

"We are planning to enable players to buy premium time via Apple's in-app purchase system, so you will be able to get a 30 day or 120 day subscription via the App Store," explains Zuckerer.

However the game contains a large amount of free content so you can play as a free character for as long as you like.