Bumi: Next Stop, Earth! is out now for Earth Day

The game hit storefronts yesterday

Bumi: Next Stop, Earth! is out now for Earth Day
  • Bumi: Next Stop, Earth is an eco-friendly game out for Earth Day
  • Journey from the Bumi's home-planet to Earth to save our ravaged planet
  • Manage your city, play mini-games and fight off alien invaders!

Bumi: Next stop, Earth! is a mini-game-packed title that wants to offer an eco-friendly message, and it's out now for iOS and Android! We covered the game last week, and as we noted then, it dropped yesterday just in time for Earth Day. Available now on Google Play and the App Store it offers a huge variety of gameplay in a comfortably small package.

Bumi takes you from the ravaged planet of a group of aliens to a familiar place, Earth. These aliens must clean up our ecologically ravaged planet while fighting off the same creatures that destroyed theirs. To do so, you'll play through a huge variety of minigames ranging from the mundane, like sorting recycling, to using your aliens to fight off the invaders directly.

Welcome to Earth
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While a lot of eco-friendly or environmentalist games can seem overbearing in their message, Bumi is one of a thankfully growing group of exceptions. Offering a wide variety of mini-games to play puts enjoyment first and the message second. Coming out just in time for Earth Day, you can manage your city, build your Bumisquad and help ensure that Earth doesn't go the way of their homeworld!

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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