The Settlers immigrates early to the App Store

Strategy series establishes iPhone and iPod Touch outpost

The Settlers immigrates early to the App Store

Just mere days after being announced, The Settlers has debuted on the App Store and is available for download.

The unexpected release came over the weekend when the game popped up for sale at a price of £2.99/$4.99. It's already on the top grossing chart, despite having just been released.

Based on the immensely popular PC series of the same name, The Settlers presents real-time strategy gameplay that's decidedly economic. While battling rivals is part of the game, much of your time is spent building economic might.

This touch-enabled iPhone and iPod Touch version comes after underwhelming outings on mobile and Nintendo DS, the former of which was also published by Gameloft.

Things look more promising here with a slick presentation and thoughtful controls. While high profile games like Command & Conquer: Red Alert have fallen short of the ideal iPhone strategy game, The Settlers hopefully bucks the trend.

The Settlers is out now, priced £2.99/$4.99. Hit the Buy It! button to download it directly.