The King of Fighters Allstar introduces XIII Shen Woo and Elisabeth Blanctorche in latest update

The King of Fighters Allstar introduces XIII Shen Woo and Elisabeth Blanctorche in latest update

Netmarble has just dropped a new update for its mobile action RPG, The King of Fighters Allstar. The patch introduces two new extremely powerful fighters, who are part of the Ultimate tier. XIII Shen Woo and Elisabeth Blanctorche are both joining KOF Allstar to wreak havoc on enemies.

First up is UE XIII Shen Woo, who is a Purple Element fighter of the Attack type with a Cipher Symmetry. As a leader, Shen Woo is capable of raising the attack of other Symmetry fighters. He can also make use of the Fighting Spirit buff by employing his special skill. This allows Woo to boost the damage of a few specific skills based on the number of Fighting Spirits stacked.

The next character who adds to KOF Allstar’s ever-growing roster is UE Elisabeth Blanctorche. She is a Blue element and Balance-type fighter with a Chaos Cipher. Her leader skill allows her to increase the attack of all other Blue element fighters whereas Elisabeth’s special skill grants a special buff to everyone when Starlight damage is dealt to a single target.

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Also accompanying the two new heroes are a couple of events. The Magic Horse Ride of Memories minigames features a story that outlines the journeys of Ash Crimson and Elisabeth. Players must progress through it by dodging obstacles and the further they get, the higher the score. Rewards also scale with distance reached.

Then there’s a Carnival event that includes tasks like daily missions, fighter summons, and other similar activities. Completing them will reward players with various goodies such as Prime Memory Shards, Rubies, and growth currency.

Add these new characters to your squad by downloading The King of Fighters Allstar by clicking on your preferred link below. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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