Call of Duty Mobile is celebrating Halloween with new Season 9: Graveyard Shift

Call of Duty Mobile is celebrating Halloween with new Season 9: Graveyard Shift

October is almost here and that means Halloween-themed updates. Activision has already gotten its plan in place as Call of Duty Mobile will release Season 9 – Graveyard Shift soon. It’s a chaotic time in the multiplayer shooter as players will have to tackle everything ranging from AI to assassinations. Fan-favourite modes are also returning with new rewards to grab.

Battle Pass

Call of Duty Mobile’s Graveyard Shift Pass comes with a tonne of Halloween-themed cosmetics. Free battle pass holders will be able to get their hands on the Launcher Plus Perk, CX-9 SMG, QXR – Growl, and several camos and weapon blueprints. Premium pass owners will additionally receive operator skins like the Witch Doctor, Lethal Cure Demir, Lurking Dead, and more.

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Game Modes

Spooktober means lots of hit gameplay modes will return. Undead Siege Zombies is coming back alongside Zombies Classic as well. Players will be able to participate in both as they’re refreshed with new challenges, classes, rewards, and a few improvements.

In Undead Siege, players will drop into a zombified version of the battle royale map Isolated, where they must survive for five days and nights by scavenging for supplies and equipment in the light while fighting against demons in the dark. Zombies Classic is, as always, a fight against hordes of the undead, with prizes increasing after each wave.

Speaking about rewards, check out this list of redeemable Call of Duty Mobile codes!

New Map

Both Hacienda and Standoff are being overhauled for Halloween. The former takes place on a dark night under the full moon, on a map dotted with a jack-o’-lantern reaper, hanging bats, and fearsome shadows. Hacienda, on the other hand, features ghosts, haunted ships, and lots of Halloween fright.

Season 9 – Graveyard Shift releases on October 4th at 5:00 pm PT. Download Call of Duty Mobile now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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