Evergreen: The Board Game is out now, letting you watch your biome grow

Plant trees and watch them grow in this abstracted board-game

Evergreen: The Board Game is out now, letting you watch your biome grow
  • Evergreen: The Board Game lets you grow trees and compete to build the most lush forest
  • Invest your actions in a specific biome to create a lush forest and gain points
  • Check it out now on the iOS App Store and Google Play

Out now, Evergreen: The Board game digital edition lets you grow a tree - Get back here! Yes, it's not the most thrilling concept, but between the art, the simple abstracted gameplay and the relatively cheap price tag it's no wonder that Evergreen: The Board Game has been climbing up the charts for board games on mobile.

While the idea of a game devoted to growing trees sounds mind-numbingly boring, we have to admit that what we've seen of Evergreen in the trailer and screenshots does look remarkably impressive. The abstraction of what would normally be a pretty tedious biological process lets you enjoy the gorgeous artwork.

As the app store lays out, there are three steps to the game: First, you pick a biome card to find what area of the planet you're developing, then you begin planting trees, and bushes and placing lakes, using the power of Nature to let you do more. Finally, you collect your trees in a single area to collect light without overshadowing one another, letting you score enough points to win!

And while we can't vouch for how it actually plays, you certainly won't find yourself bored visually.

Evergreen leaves
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Again, we can't say how the game itself actually plays, but in terms of concept and how it's executed, it does look to be fairly enthralling. And if there's anything board game makers in the past few years have been doing, it's showing how you can take what seems to be a boring concept that, when executed well, is as interesting as any other game on the market.

But if you're still not interested in giving Evergreen a try, don't worry, we've got plenty of other games to suggest. Take a gander at our list of the top 5 new mobile games you need to try this week to find indie hits and more!

Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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