Alphadia 1 & 2 freemium edition is out now, letting you try the hit JRPG for free

Ever wanted to jump into Alphadia but not sure if you'll like it? Try it now for free!

Alphadia 1 & 2 freemium edition is out now, letting you try the hit JRPG for free
  • Alphadia 1 & 2 Freemium Edition is out now!
  • Try out the hit JRPG for free, and pay a one-time fee to remove ads
  • Alphadia takes you through a world of excitement and adventure, with two full games to enjoy

Alphadia 1 & 2 freemium edition is out now! This free-to-play version of the hit JRPG lets you explore the world of Alphadia with only some in-game adverts in the way, and if you find yourself enjoying it enough to drop a few bucks on it, you can get rid of them with a single in-app purchase.

Alphadia 1 & 2 puts you in a world where a mysterious magical force known as Energi is the key to both life and death. Both follow the classic JRPG conventions of exploring a massive overworld and duking it out with a huge variety of enemies in turn-based battles.

While the first game has you thwart the evil machinations of the Schwarzschild Empire from your base in the frontier city of Heiland, the second sees you trying to save a dying world as the Energi that fuels life begins to slip away.

You can give Alphadia 1 & 2 Freemium Edition a go today on the Google Play and iOS App Stores.

Freemium fun A screenshot of a turn-based JRPG battle in Alphadia 1 & 2

While Alphadia 1 & 2 are excellent games, as we've agreed around the PocketGamer Towers water-cooler, it's undeniable that many JRPGs can put off all but the most seasoned of veterans and lovers of the genre. So that's what makes Alphadia 1 & 2 a good idea, hopefully. Ideally, it means people who're unsure about dropping money on the game can have a go, and when or if it grabs them spend a few bucks to get the intended experience.

Not only that, but the Alphadia 1 & 2 collections also boast enhanced graphics, gameplay and quality-of-life features that make them great for mobile.

And if that's still not enough to convince you, don't fret, there's plenty of other games to have a go at on mobile. Check out our latest in the regular weekly feature covering the top 5 new mobile games you need to try this week! Featuring indie classics and more.

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