TGC invoke meta-ball physics for iPhone tilt puzzler The Blob

Prepare for surface tension

TGC invoke meta-ball physics for iPhone tilt puzzler The Blob
| The Blobs

Mixing up the Labyrinth-style of tilt puzzle gameplay with the liquid tendencies of mercury, and a thoroughly cartoon style, The Game Creators' latest release has rolled onto the App Store.

The Blobs certainly comes with plenty of content - there are 120 levels spread through six themes zones.

As well as getting all the bits of your blob safely through to the end of each level, you can balance your enthusiasm in terms of risk-reward by collecting bonus stars. But you'll have to work your way around all those spikes, holes, trap doors, cannons, roundabout, electrified areas, robots, teleports and blowing fans.

Ensuring you don't get too stuck on any one level, the game comes with three free level passes, although you can also buy additional passes if that's not enough.

The Blobs is out now for iPhone and iPod touch, priced 99c, €0.79 or 59p. There will also be a free version release containing 12 unique levels.

You can get an idea how it plays in the following video.

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