The Battle of Polytopia comes to Apple Arcade

The Battle of Polytopia comes to Apple Arcade
  • The hit 4x strategy game has been a huge success and a recipient of our own awards
  • And now it's available to play for subscribers to Apple Arcade
  • You can download and check it out now!

Hit strategy game The Battle of Polytopia is coming to Apple Arcade today, alongside other major additions. The game, which is also a favourite of the guy who keeps trying to get us to call Twitter 'X' is nonetheless a very solid game in its own right. And it's now available through iOS via Apple Arcade!

When it was released, The Battle of Polytopia earned high praise from one of our regular columnists at the time. They described it in glowing terms as being a great starting point for beginners just getting into the strategy genre, while offering more than enough depth to satisfy purists. And now you can exclusively enjoy the updated Battle of Polytopia+ on Apple Arcade.

Explore, expand, exploit, exterminate

And yes, we're totally not being self-satisfied because this was also one of our picks for Game of the Year. But The Battle of Poltyopia has expanded over time to become a true competitor to games like Civilization, a self-contained 4x game that has everything, including diplomacy, to let you conquer your cutesy world in as ruthless or even-handed a manner as possible.

I've personally been rinsing Civilization VI for many months now - and yes I'm a bit behind - but I've always wanted to see more attention paid to the 4x genre, especially on mobile. For long train or plane journeys, there's nothing like being able to jump in and play out your world-conquering saga, and The Battle of Polytopia is an accessible and friendly way to do so.

So, check it out now on Apple Arcade! And while you're here, why not look over our list of the 5 best mobile games like Civilization to give you that 4x fix? Or if you're not fussed about subscriptions and want to have some fun for free, while also using your brain, you can check out our list of the top 13 best free strategy titles on iOS!

Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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