The Battle of Polytopia releases Skin Pack #4 with three new tribe skins

The Battle of Polytopia releases Skin Pack #4 with three new tribe skins

Midjiwan AB has just released an update for The Battle of Polytopia, which brings the fourth skin pack to the strategy game. Skin Pack #3 launched in July and now this one joins the title with three more cosmetics. The addition of the fourth set now ensures that all the in-game tribes have their own skins.

The first new tribe skin to join The Battle of Polytopia is Ai-Mo To-Li. The To-Li find shelter in the Binba Forests, where they train both their bodies as well as their minds. Usually couped up in temples and gyms, they have had to leave as they were summoned to help the Ai-Mo in the war. Together, the two squads have unmatched determination and power and can overcome any difficulty.

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Next, are the Urkaz, who are inhabitants of the Khalee Highlands. You may not want to be around them too much for they have been described as gruff and unfriendly. Also, the fact that they control Yadakk’s criminal underground doesn’t do them many favours. From smuggling to racketeering and other shady stuff, the Urkaz practice everything necessary to dominate the square region.


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Finally, the Qeutzali join The Battle of Polytopia as a group of citizens who worship birds. The Iqaruz tribe's skin takes things a step further as they aim to become birds themselves, including wings. If that wasn’t enough, a few members of the sect have tried to fly as well, in hopes of meeting the Bird Gods up above. Naturally, that hasn’t ended very well.

Getting these tribe skins is a pretty simple task. You need to head to the Tribe Picket section after installing the latest version of the game. Then, pick the tribe padlock you like and buy each skin directly. Download The Battle of Polytopia now for free.

Tanish Botadkar
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