Creepy puzzler The 7th Guest to get its first sequel in 18 years

Revisiting old haunts

Creepy puzzler The 7th Guest to get its first sequel in 18 years
| The 7th Guest: 3

The 7th Guest series is coming back from the dead to haunt your iPhone, iPad, and Android device.

Yes, folks, original The 7th Guest developer Trilobyte has confirmed the development of The 7th Guest: 3.

The announcement of the third instalment in this puzzle game franchise comes some 18 years after the release of The 11th Hour, the series's first and only sequel to date.

Magical mystery tour

Charlie McHenry, co-founder of Trilobyte, spoke to Polygon about returning to the Stauf Mansion setting and what gamers can expect to find inside.

"In the world of The 7th Guest: 3, you will re-enter the mysterious and magical mansion, newly restored with games, puzzles, and artifacts," McHenry explained.

"But it is still haunted, as players will soon discover. You will learn more about what happened on that terrible night, and discover the real story and previously hidden secrets of the gaming world's most mysterious toymaker."

Room for more

We wonder if McHenry has been motivated to revisit the series by the success of BAFTA Games Awards 2013-winning brainteaser The Room, another spooky point-and-click game based around solving logic puzzles.

Whatever his reasoning, McHenry is currently pursuing funding possibilities, with a Kickstarter campaign for the game on the cards for April if he can't rustle up the dough privately.

If you're looking for something to do during The 7th Guest: 3's 12 to 18-month development window, you can find the iOS version of The 7th Guest on the App Store now, priced £2.99 / $4.99 [buy].

Oh, and feel free to check out Trilobyte's The 7th Guest: Infection boardgame for iPad. In its own words, the dev "re-built the wickedly maddening microscope puzzle" from The 7th Guest expressly for Apple's 9.7-inch tab.