TEPPEN's new expansion features the Island of Fear

Hunt or be hunted

TEPPEN's new expansion features the Island of Fear
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TEPPEN’s newest expansion has officially launched. This expansion will bring players to the Island of Fear, a treacherous island inhabited by characters from other games like Resident Evil: Revelations 2, Street Fighter, and more.

Players who dare to visit the Island of Fear will be greeted, or to put it in a better way, attacked by characters from iconic games like Street Fighter, Mega Man X, Darkstalkers, and the Resident Evil series. Your enemies will be part of a terrible experiment gone awry, and you must fight your way through these blood-thirsty killers while you wear a special fear detecting bracelet. Your level of fear determines the colour of the bracelet. The colours change from green to yellow, to red, and then a curse of death activates.

Hidden around the island are four Crests which offer rare items like the Secret Card, “The Only Escape.” Other character cards include the Purple Card “Killing Machine Nechku”, Black Card “Orthrus”, Red Card “Resolute Survivor Claire”, and the Green Card “Lone Wolf Survivor Jon”. These characters will do everything they can to kill all survivors on the island, or they will get killed in the process of doing so.

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To help increase chances of survival, survivors can get the new Jewel Sets. The “Island of Fear” Survivors JEWEL SET, which costs 730 Jewels, will give players the new Icon “Nurse Survivor Cinnamon” and the “Island of Fear” Killers JEWEL SET for 730 Jewels will give players the new “Cooldown” Icon. Both packs will also give an “Island of Fear” Pack Ticket and a “DAY OF NIGHTMARES” Pack Ticket.

Three Secret cards can also be won as login bonuses. Until September 16th, players will have a chance to win Nico, Wendy Oldbag, and Komuso cards. Also, a new set of cards will arrive in October so keep an eye out for more updates on that.

Download TEPPEN for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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