Teppen is hosting the Absolute Zero event to follow-up on Sigma Invasion

Teppen is hosting the Absolute Zero event to follow-up on Sigma Invasion
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GungHo has just released an exciting update for Teppen, bringing in the freezing cold to the card battler. Titled Absolute Zero, a chilling story is beginning, as more characters from Mega Man Zero and Lost Planet join the game. Other Capcom video games will be part of the event as well, including characters from Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and Ace Attorney.

Teppen’s Absolute Zero expansion carries forward the events of the Sigma Invasion event. Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong from Resident Evil have been transported to E.D.N III, which is a dying planet populated by deadly monsters. Franchises continue to merge as Leon is rescued by the Resistance and rejoins Ada who has now donned the Cyber-Elf form from Mega Man Zero.

This time’s villains are from the Mega Man Zero series as well - Dr Weil and Copy X Mk. II, the former hero. Neo Arcadia needs saving and the Resistance must rise to the occasion, with Kennedy and Wong leading from the front. It is a difficult task to do alone, so another hero joins the fray - the show’s protagonist, Zero.

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In addition, Teppen is hosting a few New Year’s events as well, which run all the way up to April 1st. They all offer 2024 Medals that can be traded at The Exchange. It features lots of quests from Mega Man X and will bring Vile as an Intrusion battle in February and March. Until February 1st, the A New Year Begins event will be available, which is a great way to boost resources.

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Finally, Teppen is also celebrating its 4.5-year anniversary, with a special pack up for grabs between January 5th and 19th. It grants access to lots of Secret Cards and EX Skins like the EX Skin Hiryu for the Rathalos Hero.

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