Teppen is concluding its Reploid Army arc with the launch of the Sigma Invasion expansion

Teppen is concluding its Reploid Army arc with the launch of the Sigma Invasion expansion
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Capcom has just launched the first major content update for their card battler Teppen. Titled Sigma Invasion, this update follows the events of Operation Cannon Spike and concludes the Echoes of the Lost Civilization trilogy. The Reploid Army has been defeated, but the peace does not last as players must now engage in a massive battle with the final boss.

The Anti-Machine Special Forces was established to destroy the ruthless Reploid Army, which it eventually did succeed in - but the real invasion begins now. Mega Man X series’ villain, the mastermind Sigma, is still continuing with his plan of getting rid of humanity and it has reached the final stages of doing so.

Sigma, being a supercomputer, made use of Akatsuki from crossbeats REV. SUNRISE to copy data from the ASMF heroes in order to create an army of Mirage Soldiers. These are replicants of the ASMF squad and they’ve begun a rampage on all citizens and heroes. The superhero team has no choice but to break into Sigma’s Mirage Colosseum Fortress if they wish to save mankind.

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In the Sigma Invasion campaign, players will find new cards like the Masterwork MS Zangief Black Card, Mother Computer Akatsuki Purple Card, Sonic Vanguard Guile Red Card and the Rainbow Bomber R. Mika Green Card. Additionally, players will also have an opportunity to get their hands on the Vergil Extra Skin from Devil May Cry. The Zero skin will release sometime next week too.

Over the next month, a number of celebrations will be held to commemorate Teppen’s 3.5-year anniversary as well. Three Secret Spheres, ten card packs, and free season passes will all be up for grabs during the Anniversary Sale. Look out for login bonuses as well.

Can you save humanity from becoming a slave to advanced intelligence? Then download Teppen now for free and participate in the Signa Invasion event.

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