Teppen's next expansion, Operation Cannon Spike, tasks players with saving humanity as the Reploid Army nears

Teppen's next expansion, Operation Cannon Spike, tasks players with saving humanity as the Reploid Army nears
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Capcom has just released a new content update for its mobile card battler Teppen. The expansion, titled Operation Cannon Spike, is already live and focuses on a massive battle against the Reploid Army. The enemies this time are a ruthless group of murderous machines that will do anything to ensure humanity’s extinction.

The Reploids sure are a ruthless bunch. Mankind needs to be saved and players will have a hard time doing this alone. Players can enlist the help of powerful heroes from the popular Cannon Spike and Bionic Commando series. These characters will join others from Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, Mega Man X series, and more in the battle to defeat the bloodthirsty robots.

In the Operation Cannon Spike update, the Force Towers awakened, which kicked off the destruction of humanity. As the Reploid Army begins its invasion, the Anti-Machine Special Forces have been called upon to help. This squad includes heroes like AMSF Spencer from the Bionic Commando series and AMSF Cammy from Cannon Spike.

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The squad has one goal – to infiltrate the impenetrable Force Towers. Of course, to get there, players will first have to make their way through the Reploid Army defences. The tower has been fortified with eight machine guardians from the Mega Man X series. Beat them, raid the tower, and humanity has a shot at survival.

The update also adds a new Specialist ability, which is crucial to surviving against the Reploids. Unit cards that have this ability will be able to activate effects based on the Tribe type placed in front. In addition, players can get their hands on new cards as well, like Spencer, Cammy, Simone, and Shiba.

Furthermore, Halloween celebrations are still around as the Super Spooky Village event comes this month. Players will be able to complete numerous challenges and quests to acquire rewards like Relics and player icons.

Begin Operation Cannon Spike by downloading Teppen now for free.

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