TEPPEN adds new Capcom characters, BGMs and special anniversary event in latest update

TEPPEN adds new Capcom characters, BGMs and special anniversary event in latest update
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GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. has announced some exciting updates to TEPPEN, its card battler title featuring beloved Capcom characters. In the latest Breath of Resistance event, players can continue the War of the Goddess experience as fan-faves from Breath of Fire, Street Fighter and Mega Man join the fray.

TEPPEN takes players through Ada Wong's (Resident Evil 2) attempt to recruit heroes in her resistance, which includes Street Fighter’s Karin Kanzuki. Breath of Fire’s Deis, Red Earth’s Tessa, and Monster Hunter Riders’ Shakuna also jump into the narrative.

The latest event also adds new cards, namely, the Green card "Resistance Leader Karin", the Purple card "Ancient Sorceress Deis" and Red card "Proud Soldier Colonel". A new ability called "Coordination" also gives players a new level of strategy to experiment with, as this effect can only be activated when certain friendly units are deployed.

Of course, 2022 brings lots of festivities to the game as well, which includes seven new BGMs and four Hero skins. Moreover, the 2.5 Anniversary Event is giving away 10 free Jewels plus a special Season Pass sale (which will only cost 10 Jewels until March 1st). Five new BGMs will also be added as part of the celebrations - Lunatic Ray, Zero (from Mega Man X), DEVILS NEVER CRY (Staff Roll), Silver Bullet, and Splendiferous Silver Sovereign – Velkhana.

There are loads of other updates that coincide with the anniversary (including the TEPPEN World Champion Series 2022), and you can discover more details about them on the official website. You can also download TEPPEN on the iOS App Store or on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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