Teamfight Tactics introduces its latest batch of musically-themed content with Set 10: Remix Rumble

Teamfight Tactics introduces its latest batch of musically-themed content with Set 10: Remix Rumble

Popular League of Legends-themed auto-chess game Teamfight Tactics has received its newest set of units to wield during battle with the newly released Set 10: Remix Rumble. This new set includes a barrage of different Origins, all related to music in some way, as well as new traits, new arenas, and even some new UI and visual upgrades for mobile users!

Teamfight Tactics has remained a mainstay on mobile markets due to its simple and easy-to-understand yet hard-to-master fully auto-chess mechanics. After a tutorial or two, you’ll get what the game is asking of you, but from there, it becomes a game of wits as you discover how to properly build out teams and what combos work with one another until you’re climbing the leaderboards and raising your rank.

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With Remix Rumble, those options have only increased in large measure with the addition of the revamped Origins, which have now been reimagined to coincide with the musical theme of this update. Think of the normal Origins for each character such as Astro or Battlecast, which originally were sort of themed on what the character’s general vibe was, but changed to things such as Punk, Emo, Hyperpop, EDM, and so on. Of course, this also comes with a reskin of these characters to their more musically themed skins, so you can really catch onto the theme of this patch.

Along with the reimagined Origins, which also each come with their own unique attached abilities such as stat buffs or summoning new characters to fight with them, there’s also a bunch of new arenas to do battle within. These are themed after the Origins in a way as well, so there are dancefloor battle arenas, country backyards, a punk show, and so on. These won’t affect gameplay, but they do add a nice bit of flavour that is sure to enrich your experience.

Finally, we also have the addition of new UI changes and graphical enhancements for the mobile version to bring it a bit closer to the PC counterpart, making things generally just feel better. If you want to check out all this new content and just how good the game looks now yourself, download Teamfight Tactics for free at either of the links below!

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