Riot has announced that Teamfight Tactics will enter a closed beta for some countries starting today

They've also outlined some differences between the PC and mobile versions

Riot has announced that Teamfight Tactics will enter a closed beta for some countries starting today

Riot Games has announced that Teamfight Tactics - their auto battler title - will enter a closed beta testing period today in select countries. However, they've not said which countries those are, so we'll have to wait until players across the globe start to realise they're able to play the game. TFT is set to launch sometime in March. 

They also added that the beta will be expanding over the coming weeks into other regions, though again, they haven't stated which this will include. In an update on their official website, they also detailed a few differences to expect between the PC and mobile versions.

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On mobile, Teamfight Tactics will have a more streamlined version of its menus that is more focused on quickly getting you into a game. At the moment this will include the ranked system, progression pass and social stuff – lobbies, friends and invites. More functionality is expected to be added over time.

The in-game items and champion shop also needed to be overhauled to account for the transition to a touch screen. The mobile version of TFT will have dedicated inventory panel where players can drag items to preview, equip and combine them. Meanwhile, the shop will also not remain open the whole time and will instead pop up at the start of each round and can be opened with a quick tap if want to view it before then.

Finally, the mobile version of Teamfight Tactics will not – at this time – support in-game chat due to issues with how much of the screen this would take up once the keyboard is open. Emotes, taunts and dances will all still be usable though, so you can continue to irritate your opponent that way.

Teamfight Tactics will be available in March on the App Store and Google Play, the latter of which you can pre-register for now. Unless you happen to be in one of the mystery countries, then you can play it now.

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