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Tacticool guide for beginners - Everything you need to know about the 5v5 shooter

Tacticool guide for beginners - Everything you need to know about the 5v5 shooter
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Tacticool is a fun 5v5 intense mobile shooter. It has various weapons and vehicles to be used on the battlefield. I enjoy playing Tacticool mostly because it features a destructible environment. If you are beginning your journey in the game, then this post is for you. Here is our Tacticool guide for beginners, which should cover the basic tips and help you progress quickly. So let's begin.

Tip #1 - Objectives

There are various game modes such as Capture the bag, where each team tries to hold onto a red bag to gather points and Team Deathmatch, where the team with the highest kills when the timer runs out wins.

While the team objective can vary a little depending on the game modes, the core objective you should keep in mind is killing as many enemies as possible and dying less.

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Tip #2 - Controls management

The controls are pretty straightforward, you have your movement and crouch button on the bottom left side of the screen and the rest such as throwing bombs, scoping in, dodging and reloading, is located on the bottom right side of the screen.

TIP: You can edit the control's UI layout in the setting and shift to a three or four-finger layout to gain an edge over your enemies.

Tip #3 - Pick the right weapons

There are various categories of weapons available such as SMGs, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles and so on. Each weapon type has pros and cons. For example, Shotguns are excellent for short-range combat, while Assault Rifles work great in medium to long-range.

TIP: You can have three layouts. Make sure to have each layout for a different category of weapon. This is because some maps are good for short-range fights, while others are better for long-range battles. So this will keep you ready for all situations.

Tip #4 - Choose the correct operators

Just like you have an option to pick the type of weapons, you can also choose an operator (characters). There are various types of operators available. Each operator has its abilities. For example, some will give extra movement speed while others will give extra special weapons slots and so on.

Tacticool gameplay tips

Tip#5 - Redeem codes

The developers release a few support codes that you can use to claim free in-game rewards, such as gold and silver, which can help you upgrade weapons and operators and progress quickly. So keep an eye out for such codes.

TIP: Check out our list of Tacticool support codes to find all the latest working codes.

That concludes our Tacticool beginner's guide. For more tips and guides, stay tuned with us. Also, don't forget to check out our Tacticool game review.

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