Table Tennis Touch: Three things to know about this Ping Pong extravaganza

Table Tennis Touch: Three things to know about this Ping Pong extravaganza

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Table Tennis Touch is a game about the sport some know lovingly as "ping pong". It's a simple but authentic style of game for the sport and its gameplay has been praised. In particular, it's one of the games to get a 4.5 our five rating here at Pocket Gamer

You start off with a brief tutorial stage. This will allow you to test your skills early on before moving on to bigger competitions. Your teacher and friend is a friendly little robot named "Wiff Waff" and with a name like that, it's clear that he knows a thing or to about table tennis. 

Although the game isn't incredibly deep, it's very fun and a good time if you're an avid table tennis player or fan of the sport. In this article, we'll tell you a few things you should know about the game before diving in and start clicking and clacking away at the tables.

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Full Control

So one of the really cool things about Table Tennis Touch is the fact that you have complete control over your paddle. There aren't any buttons on-screen to use or anything like that. Instead, you grab onto the paddle by putting your finger on the screen and start playing away.

The feel is great and quite satisfying. As with real table tennis, you need to follow the ball and hit the ball yourself in lieu of any buttons. For a bit more power on your strikes, bring the paddle back a little bit and push forward.

It's this level of control in the gameplay that makes Table Tennis Touch so highly regarded. It's also a testament to the greatness of mobile gaming as well. Only on mobile can you find a game for virtually any sport, and this one has the feel down almost perfectly.

Single Player Only

Some may see this is as either a positive or a negative, but there is no online play in Table Tennis Touch. You'll participate in tournaments and take on A.I. opponents as you rise the ranks and build your legend as a pro.

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For some, the lack of being able to play against players online might hurt. However, if you're more of a single-player-focused gamer anyway, then this is totally perfect. Another good thing is that there's no internet connection required so you can play literally anywhere without interruption, except for when your phone/tablet battery dies, of course.

There are features to help keep the game fresh too, despite not having multiplayer and we'll talk about one of those things on the next page. But even online-based players may enjoy this single-player experience and appreciate the endless gaming without disconnection.


Aside from your typical ping pong matches, you can play some mini-games in Table Tennis Touch. If you want to take a break from traditional play, then you may enjoy this. These games are a good way to not only have some extra fun, but they're a good way to practice too.

One mini-game, in particular, involves knocking down bowling pins that are randomly placed on the table in sets. Your goal is to knock down as many of these as possible within the time limit. This is an excellent way to perfect your accuracy. In table tennis, your accuracy is probably more important than your power.

But that's just one example as there are a few others that you can unlock, based on your performance in the previous one. It really adds a neat layer to the game and provides a different perspective for fans of table tennis who'd never thought of playing in these ways.

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