The best Android game this week - Table Tennis Touch

No riff raff, just wiff waff

The best Android game this week - Table Tennis Touch
| Table Tennis Touch
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Every week, Google Play is practically flooded with new games. Take this week, which saw the addition of bonkers cartoon shmup Glorkian Warrior, Lego-like toy game Sick Bricks, and the ever-so okay Dungeon Hunter 5.

But let's say you only want to get one. Which game deserves your time, money, and attention this weekend, ahead of all the others? Well, for our money, it's Table Tennis Touch.

For starters, this game is slick. Pong might have proved that you don't need fancy visuals for wiff waff, but Rockstar's Table Tennis made a compelling case for dressing this simple sport up in next-gen clothes. TTT agrees.

It also works really well on touch, with simple but effective gesture-driven controls that let you serve, hit, rally, and win against your robotic training buddy, or a weird floating ping pong paddle across the table.

And it's full of content. It's got quick matches and full championship leagues, and also mini-games that are as much as about teaching you ping pong skills as they are about wasting time. Plus: multiplayer is coming in an update.

Last year, Harry gave the iOS edition a Gold Award and said "Table Tennis Touch is a brilliant sports game. Its controls are smooth and accurate, its challenges brilliantly weighted, and its presentation slick and polished. More importantly, it's also an incredible amount of fun."

It costs £2.99 / $3.99 and has no in-app purchases. Get it here.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
Mark Brown is editor at large of Pocket Gamer