Switch Galaxy

Sometimes a concept is so appealing it begs to be revisited, improved, and enhanced. That's clearly what Liverpool-based Atomicom has done with Switch Galaxy - this PS Mobile release is an augmented version of the Android and iOS title Switch.

The game engine has been overhauled, the structure changed, and the entire concept given a well-earned lick of paint. The result is one of the most impressive PS Mobile titles yet.

As in Switch, you control a ship that's constantly moving forward down a multi-lane track in space. Acceleration is automatic, and the longer you go without colliding with an object the faster your ship travels.

Along the way you'll pick up credits, dodge coloured barriers, and collect power-up items - as well as avoiding various enemies that attempt to end your progress and suck away the precious credits you've collected.

Changing lanes

The game is structured like an A-to-Z trip through space and broken into manageable, bite-size stages. In-between each level you have the option to upgrade your ship by using credits to purchase improvements such as better shields and faster movement. You can also acquire new skins to give your sleek craft a fresh look.

The controls are deliberately kept as simple as possible, with your only interaction being the ability to move left and right across the lanes. This can be achieved using the D-pad, touchscreen, or (best of all) L and R triggers.

What makes Switch Galaxy so thrilling is the manner in which the challenge ramps up steadily. To begin with you're just switching lanes to gather credits, but later levels introduce coloured barriers to complicate matters.

Certain power-ups allow you to pass through gates of the same hue, but as soon as this mechanic is introduced the developer gleefully complicates matters by putting together a combination of different coloured barriers, forcing you to react quickly to ensure you only pass through those to which your ship is immune.

Warp speed

To add to the difficulty, the game speeds up considerably, reaching insanely fast speeds on the later levels. So taxing is the challenge at this point that you'll have to give the game your full, undivided attention in order to succeed.

Switch Galaxy's surprisingly varied range of power-ups and enemies manages to keep things fresh even when you're quite far into the game, and the ability to upgrade elements of your ship adds another strand of interest. Once you've finished it there's little reason to return, but getting to that point is no mean feat.

Add in some lovely visuals and pulsing soundtrack and you've got a wonderfully upgraded version of the already appealing Switch for a bargain price. Switch Galaxy is another impressive offering from Atomicom, and it bodes well for the future of PS Mobile in general.

Switch Galaxy

It may be an update of an existing game, but Switch Galaxy is playable, good looking, and extremely challenging. It's a must-have for PS Mobile devotees
Damien  McFerran
Damien McFerran
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