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Survivor.io - Best survivors tier list

Survivor.io - Best survivors tier list

Common is a decent character in Survivor.io, but if you are wondering if you should upgrade him or switch to a new Survivor, you should first check out our Survivor.io best survivors tier list. Everything that you need to know is below on this page. Make sure you always have the best gear to wear. Without any further ado, let's get right into it. 

Survivor.io tier list

S A+ A B C
1-Star Skill Upgrade
Survivor Instinct (Select in battle) +8% Crit Rate for each level Cash Trade (Passive)
Reduces collision damage
increases projectile damage
Moonshade Slash (Selected in a game) A powerful frontal slash Pointless (Passive) +%3 to all skill damage Medi-drone (Selected in a game) Releases a healing zone
3-Star Skill Upgrade
Sixth Sense
+50 Crit Rate
+25% Crit Damage
Listening Bug (Select in-match) Unveils enemy weaknesses, increases their damage taken Nitoryu
When bladed main weapons evolve, Moonhalo Slash can be upgraded again
Expired Plan (Passive) +%3 to all skill ranges Tech Breakthrough
All drones can be freely paired
6-Star Skill Upgrade
Lucky Kill (Passive)
If a critical hit fails to hit, it will be re-calculated
Sting Op
Raise Sting Op meter to force enemies to retreat
Evo Unleashed
Moonhalo Slash's upgrade requirement is not restricted to main weapon
Helter Skelter (Passive) -%3 to all skill CDs Advanced Medicine
Healing drone effect doubled

King is at the top of our list because of his damage output. After all, the faster you kill mobs the better. His upgrades per level are all offensive as well. Tsukuyomi is closer in terms of power to Worm. Both of them are excellent choices. Common, our starting survivor can still get the job done with the right equipment. Catnip's toolkit is all about healing which is not exactly what you want when it comes to clearing stages.

You may want to read our Survivor.io guide, to get your game to the next level!
Please keep in mind that future game updates might change the Survivors' skills and as a result, our evaluation of them. In that case, we will update our list accordingly, so make sure to check back on this page in the future!

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