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All the Pets in and how to get them

A guide to Pets in and how they work.

All the Pets in and how to get them
| is another addition to the Survivors-like genre of gaming and is popular for good reason. After playing it for a while, I appreciate the cartoon charm and the classic zombie apocalypse setting the game has going on. You can play as one of several survivors who are simply trying to fight against the ongoing waves of zombies and other mutated creatures using whatever weapons and gear they can find. However, thanks to a recent addition to the game, they won't have to face the dangers alone since they can have Pet companions to help them out.

Pets are as popular a mechanic in games as are Hats but are arguably more useful as a whole. In, these animal friends provide boosts to whichever survivor they accompany while also having their own abilities. They're not as common as equipment that you can get during runs, but it's worth sinking time and resources in order to get them. There's already a decent selection of Pets to gather and upgrade with each one tailored to a specific kind of build. Experiment with all of them and see which ones suit the kinds of stats and load-outs you tend to gather.

How to get Pets

New pet system announcement

There was a lot of fanfare when the Pet mechanic was introduced to but you won't have it right off the bat. The Pet screen can be accessed from the Equipment menu, marked at the bottom of the screen with a Revolver icon. In order to unlock this screen, you'll need to keep playing and completing Chapters. Each Chapter lasts around 20 minutes with several boss battles spaced out over the period. Once unlocked, you can get Pets by opening Chests on the Pet Screen. You can unlock Chests through daily chances (low tier), Gold Keys (high tier), and Gems (multiple high tier chances). Pets can be levelled up by expending resources and will gain new skills to improve their own stats or buff the stats of the survivor.


Murica pet "As gentle as a pigeon, as fierce as an eagle."

This majestic bird is quite powerful with the skill to summon a giant Whirlwind which covers a decent area and will pierce multiple enemies. Levelling up this pet will make it an even more powerful companion by increasing attack power, and range, and reducing the cooldown of its whirlwind ability. Its final skill gives all attacks a 5 per cent chance to deal 10 times the amount of damage to enemies with less than half health.


Cheshire "Whether as a companion or in battle, its presence is as heartwarming as its name."

Cats will always make their way to the Pet menu, and this one can be pretty vicious. It has a close-range Scratch attack that deals strong damage, has a relatively fast cooldown, and gets stronger as you level up. As it gains more skills, this Pet gets tougher and inflicts more damage. For its final skill, it is able to prevent what would be fatal damage instead replacing it with a heal that restores to half health but has a sizable cooldown time.


Rex pet "Once touted to be a trusty human companion pre-mutation. A surefire choice."

Dogs are human's best friend and this Pet will never leave your side. This guy is able to deal sound damage with Cacophonia, affecting an area at a range and getting stronger as you get stronger. It provides a combination of DPS by improving its Crit Rate and support by absorbing more damage. This expands into its final ability which allows it to take 30 percent of all damage directed to the survivor.


Shelly pet "It may look like a slowpoke, but its speed will astound you in battle."

This Pet is a hardened warrior due to being a turtle. Don't think of it as slow as its ability Turtle Surge allows it to catapult itself and slam down hard creating a shockwave that hits multiple enemies for high damage. It's also a strong defensive pet since its skills are made to reduce the survivor's damage from shots and contact while also improving its own lastability. For the final skill, it becomes even tougher by reducing all damage that it takes by 60 percent.


Neemo "Don't be misled by its appearance - it'll surprise you in times of danger."

It's not easy to see fish as a travelling companion, but this Pet will prove you wrong. Its bowl may look delicate, but this doesn't stop it from attacking from a range using its Bubble Bullet that explodes on contact. It also acts as another solid support unit by reducing the survivor's incoming damage and letting them earn more EXP. It also gets to boost its own power and range while getting the final skill to freeze time for 5 seconds when the survivor drops below 30 per cent and both are invincible during that time.


Crabobble pet "Lost its home due to the apocalypse, which is why it bears an unbridled hatred for its enemies."

Crabs are masters at side-walking and you'll want this Pet walking by your side. Regardless of its name, this Crab uses Water Shot to fire ranged water bullets that deal high damage and can penetrate multiple enemies. It's all about offense with this crab as its skills focus on raising its attack and Crit rate power. When it gets its final skill, it becomes even more offensive with a boosted attack rate and reduced cooldown time by 30 per cent.


DD-6 "A mysterious machine made from technology not of this world."

In the new zombie and mutant world, robots have become a kind of Pet. This adorable wheelie drone is designed with several beams of Laser that deal high damage to surrounding enemies. Its skills are designed to make it even more effective by improving both lastability and attack coverage by reducing cooldown, revival time, and the amount of damage it takes. The final skill gives it access to a super-damaging satellite laser.


Croaky pet "It's got an ever-fiery temper like it's about to rip its enemies' faces off."

Frogs may be chill, but this Pet has a hidden rage. It uses a Spit Attack to fire acid that lingers and deals damage over time to all enemies exposed to it. The frog prioritises the survivor by raising the amount of EXP earned, their Crit Rate, and skill damage. For its final skill, it raises the survivor's Crit Rate by 10 per cent which guarantees greater DPS.

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