Build and protect your planet in Survival Galaxy, out now in Germany on Android

Build and protect your planet in Survival Galaxy, out now in Germany on Android
| Survival Galaxy

Survival Galaxy is a brand new game that offers players a unique tower defense PvP action experience in an ever-expanding universe. Players can join others from around the world to build and protect their planet whilst embarking on a space adventure to uncover the mysteries of the universe.

Survival Galaxy will require players to strengthen their base, set traps, and scavenge for weapons and survivors before sunset. During the night, they will have to fight for their survival as hordes of aliens will clash with their fortress from all sides.

Survival Galaxy is developed by Playstack, who have produced several popular games like the Snipers vs Thieves series, Too Many Cooks, Idle Cafe! Tap Tycoon and Survival City – Zombie Base Build and Defend.

Game features

Survival Galaxy will require players to build walls, watch towers, use Electro shocks, and perform many other essential tasks to protect their planet from dangerous enemies. Players can also uncover and visit new planets with different weather conditions, resources, and even new alien species.

They are able to train an army of aliens as well, which can be uncovered during their adventures and then play against real users. The game also contains a subscription service, which is known as The VIP Membership. This membership is a 1-week auto-renewable subscription that offers many features like Double XP, 250 Weekly gems, and unlimited mercs.

Game download

Survival Galaxy is currently only available for Android in Germany through Google Play. Players who are outside the country can still access the game if they wish by downloading the APK version. However, we don't encourage downloading APKs. Instead, we suggest waiting for the official launch.

Closing Thoughts

Survival Galaxy is entirely based in space, which will make it appeal to anyone who’s a fan of that kind of setting.. The overall theme and design also seem to be aimed towards a younger audience, and so it might not be a title that thrills adult gamers to a huge extent.

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