State of Survival devs working on new game, Survival Frontline: Zombie War

From the studio that brought you all those weird ads

State of Survival devs working on new game, Survival Frontline: Zombie War
  • Survival Frontline: Zombie War is a new game just released for Android
  • It also seems to be a stealth launch from State of Survival devs FunPlus
  • The game seems to follow the same style of gameplay as State of Survival

State of Survival developers FunPlus are working on a new game that has been stealth-launched on Google Play called Survival Frontline: Zombie War. You may know FunPlus from all those weird adverts you keep getting for State of Survival on YouTube.

But, regardless, State of Survival is still a hugely popular game. And it seems that FunPlus is trying not to make competition for itself by releasing Survival Frontline under another name, Triathlon HK. However, by digging into the data on the game on Appmagic we can see the game is indeed from the State of Survival devs.

A screenshot from Survival Frontline

Gameplay-wise from what we've seen floating around Survival Frontline seems to be a fairly straightforward riff on the State of Survival style of gameplay. You recruit heroes, build up your fortress against the Infected and engage in tower defence-style gameplay to fend them off.


While it's interesting to note that FunPlus seem to be releasing the game under another developer's name, regardless we're not seeing much of a change with Survival Frontline. Although we'd expect that if you're a fan of State of Survival and its style of gameplay you'll probably be quite happy with Survival Frontline.

But for those sceptical, or those who're just tired of seeing State of Survival adverts, this new game is unlikely to sway them over to give it a chance.

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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