Superstar Hockey: Pass & Score launches new update in honour of the 106th NHL Season

Superstar Hockey: Pass & Score launches new update in honour of the 106th NHL Season
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The popular free-to-play hockey simulator Superstar Hockey: Pass & Score has introduced a new update that brings with it a month's worth of events to celebrate the 106th NHL Season. Tilting Point and Big Idea Games, the developers of Superstar Hockey, are clearly huge fans of the sport and want to celebrate the real-world season with their in-game version.

Alongside these new events that will run throughout the month, new players, divisions, and stadiums have also been introduced. There’s a total of 12 new legendary players that you can now collect, each with their own stats and specific skills that you can utilize for your team to dominate the league.

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As for the events, there is currently a new seven-day season tournament that will be run, well, every seven days, so if you’re looking to test your skills with the best of them, you can try this content out for a real challenge too. And of course, we’ve also got the new Division 11 and Division 12 Stadiums available to play within now too, which is sure to delight all your hockey die-hards.

Superstar Hockey is a top-down hockey simulator that sees you creating your own hockey team and competing against real-world players and AI alike. It’s a game designed for hockey fans, as it features plenty of real players from the NHL alongside real stadiums and real teams too.

Within the game, players can earn perks, various rewards, and unlock jerseys to both level up their team and customize them as well, all in service of climbing up the league rankings as you face tougher and tougher opponents. Overall, it’s a pretty engaging little top-down hockey game if you’re a fan of the sport.

If you’d like to try it out yourself and check out all this new content, you can do so at either of the links below for the low price of absolutely free!

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