Summoners War: Sky Arena celebrates its seventh anniversary with a new Monster

Summoners War: Sky Arena celebrates its seventh anniversary with a new Monster

Summoners War: Sky Arena has surprised the players on the seventh anniversary of the game. Com2uS has planned to introduce a mysterious magical force that will doom the Sky Arena’s universe with dark magic.

The new update introduces Mage, a dark magic monster who will bewitch the opponents with her powerful magical skills. The update also adds new in-game features and improves the existing set along with some necessary bug fixes.

As for Mage, she is a default 5 monster, who belongs in the category of high-grade monsters of the game. Mage has a unique skill set that allows her to use her power to dominate her enemies by weakening their defence and attack attributes.

With Mage, comes two new mock battles, that are meant to help you try out the new skills and abilities. These two come under the Battle Training Ground section. With the help of these, players get to try out new decks and come up with new tactics before heading into a real match.

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For the 7th Anniversary celebration, Com2uS has decided to hold an event with exciting rewards. During the celebration event, players can summon 3-Star Monsters and use them to earn points and rewards.

In addition, exclusive rewards during the event include 7-Year Anniversary Scrolls, Transcendence Scrolls and so forth. More details regarding the rewards can be found out by logging in-game.

Finally, players can ask their friends and mentors to help them out during the battle by letting them use their Monsters up to ten times consecutively. A Monster Preference rank menu is also up for this purpose. This could be a good chance for the players to team up with their friends and easily win matches.

Summoners War is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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