Summoners War: Awakening is a new comic book series set in the popular Summoners War franchise

Summoners War: Awakening is a new comic book series set in the popular Summoners War franchise

Com2uS has teamed up with Skybound to bring a new comic book series to fans of the popular fantasy franchise Summoners War, expanding the rich lore of the IP with a new medium. Titled Summoners War: Awakening, the comic book series invites players to dive back into the world of Alea as they follow the tale of newly trained Summoner Rai on an epic adventure.

In Summoners War: Awakening, fans can look forward to the same quality as brought together by the stellar team behind Summoners War: Legacy, which includes writer Justin Jordan and artist Luca Claretti. Meanwhile, colours will be done by Igor Monti (Radiant Black), and the first issue will land in comic book shops on April 19th.

"I’m so excited to explore more of Summoners War in this new series,” says Skybound Editor, Amanda LaFranco. “As a personal fan of all things in the fantasy genre, Summoners War is one of those projects that lets you go big and bold, and really expand out a world, but I also really love Rai’s tenacity and Tomas’ cynicism. They’ll have to learn a lot from each other from this arc, and Justin and Luca have developed so many cool new characters and set pieces. The title of Arc 2, ‘Awakening’, was determined by the stories that Rai and Tomas got matured as a summoner and human being through the Arc 2 story. I think any fantasy fan can pick this up and enjoy diving into this world.”

If you're curious about the franchise, you can download Summoners War: Sky Arena, the OG game that started it all, on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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