Summoners War is coming back to the New York Comic Con 2022 with a demo for Chronicles, activties, and lots of merch

Summoners War is coming back to the New York Comic Con 2022 with a demo for Chronicles, activties, and lots of merch

Com2uS has just confirmed the presence of the super popular Summoners War franchise during New York Comic Con 2022, which begins tomorrow. There is a tonne of activities lined up for fans, including a sneak peek at their upcoming game, in-person games, and heaps of merchandise you can spend all your money on. If you want to, of course.

As you may have heard, the Summoners War franchise is expanding with the release of Summoners War: Chronicles which is slated for a November launch. Pre-registration for the prequel began recently as well. Eager fans, however, don’t need to wait until next month as they will get a chance to play a demo version at NYCC, with one lucky person winning a limited edition figurine.

Various booths are going to be set up, where players can partake in multiple activities like using the claw machine to hunt for goodies. Lots of Summoners War: Sky Arena influencers will be there fighting it out in 2v2 Arena livestreams with Summon Sessions and an RTA Showcase being held too.

Coming to the items you can splurge on, there’s a lot. Let’s start off with collectable figurines of not just characters who already have action figures, but lots who don’t, including Beast Rider (Xiana) from Summoners War: Sky Arena as well as the three main characters, Kina, Cleaf, and Orbia from Summoners War: Chronicles. Maruna and Shaina from year last come back alongside other figurines like Nine Tail Fox and Valkyrie.

For those who want to know more about what all happened behind the scenes, art books should tell a great story. The $35 book is full of Summoner Wars’ design process, concept arts of characters, background stories, and a lot more. It’s overflowing with lore and is a must-have for everyone interested in the game’s universe.

And of course, T-shirts, phone covers, pop sockets, and other accessories will be available too. Don’t forget to wait for a teaser of Com2uS’ upcoming projects as well!

Download Summoners War: Sky Arena now for free.

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