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Summoners War: Chronicles guide - Tips that will improve your gameplay

Summoners War: Chronicles guide - Tips that will improve your gameplay

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Today's article will walk you through a complete Summoners War: Chronicles guide, and give you all the insight you need in order to level up quickly, collect a plethora of monsters and explore the beautiful, mysterious world at your feet.

If you've been following the storyline (which is quite amazing), players are tasked to take on the role of a Rahil Guard and protect the realm against Tefo's conspiracy. With the help of summoned loyal companions, the player will embark on an adventure to explore the vast Summoners War universe. There are unique monsters that challenge you every step of the way, and countless dungeons and events to keep you busy for hours on end.

But where exactly do you start, what should you be doing to set yourself up for success? How can you choose the best monsters to add to your team? Follow our Summoners War: Chronicles guide for beginners and find out everything that you need to know as a new summoner in this stunning action MMORPG.

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Tip #1 - Pick the right server

There are many factors to take into consideration when it comes to choosing a server. Quite obviously, if you've played MMOs before, you know that the server you choose will affect the ping you have (or in other words, how smooth your experience will be playing the game).

For example, if you are playing with friends, you probably want to join whichever server they are on. Even if that's the case, make sure to select the server that is closest to you. The end-game content can be quite challenging and you want to have the lowest ping possible, which will allow you to move and react quickly to whatever is happening. A higher ping can make your movement clanky and complicate things, resulting in you being unable to move from the red carpets and other similar (less-than-ideal) situations.

Tip #2 - Create a character that you'll love playing!

Arguably one of the biggest decisions you have to make when you're starting out in Summoners War: Chronicles is about your character - the character that you control. The best would be to pick one that matches your general play style. If you played MMORPGs before, you probably already have an idea of what your playstyle is and what you enjoy playing the most. Otherwise, keep reading because we'll give you insight into what each character does.

What class should you pick in Summoners War: Chronicles?

If you are a veteran, you probably know your favourite playstyle. If you are completely new to this type of game, the decision becomes harder. Let's take a look at the character classes to help you make a decision.

Cleaf - The frontline tank

Cleaf is the character that would match a "warrior" or "defender" in other games. He's played mainly as a front-line tank, with some damaging abilities. He is great if you prefer to dive into the action head-first, and not have to worry about dying from normal attacks from enemies.

Orbia - The ranged DPS

Orbia is a "mage" with powerful attacks that can affect multiple enemies (AoE attacks) and is great for clearing out waves of enemies at once. She is ranged, so she will have to rely on another character or monster to be the frontline since her defences are not that amazing. Like many other ranged characters, she is made to deal damage and not be the first line of defence.

Kina - The healer

Kina, the final character class you can choose, is a "healer". She can provide useful buffs and restore health to allies, but also deal some damage. She's a great support unit, especially for multiplayer instances (or team fights), and many times parties are looking for strong, knowledgeable healers to keep the entire party alive. Playing as Kina is not always easy, especially in the late game, but if you like helping out allies and don't care too much about being the #1 DPS, then she's a great character to play.

Tip #3 - Join an active guild

Joining an active guild can make your gaming experience smoother. There are instances such as Guild Raid, Elite: White Shadow Castle Raid, as well as various high-level Dungeons that require teamplay. Even if you are a solo player, joining a strong guild will make things a lot easier for you.

We recommend that you join one as soon as you are able to, even if it's not the best one out there. As long as there are other players around your level (or even a little bit higher) who can join you for various quests, this is going to give you everything you need in order to have a good first experience with teamwork and teamplay.

Tip #4 - Avoid the red carpets

Red carpets are the areas that will appear on the ground in the place where enemies cast their attacks. These are the areas you should avoid at all costs since they can really cause some issues - especially if you're up against some bosses or tougher opponents.

Depending on your class, you could get away with taking a few hits. If you play as Cleaf, the best way to avoid these (since he's melee) would be to run towards the opponent, and find the quickest way to step off the red carpet. As Orbia, avoiding these could be a lot easier since she's ranged and doesn't really have to tank any of the bosses herself. So, you can position yourself just outside of the red carpet area and quickly avoid it with ease.

Now when it comes to Kina, things are a little bit different. As a healer, you might sometimes have to stay on the red carpet to keep your frontline alive and provide the buffs and heals necessary to allow them to keep the aggro of the enemy. You should always be mindful of your positioning.

Tip #5 - It's all about the right equipment

Equipment pieces in Summoners War: Chronicles, just like monsters, have a unique trait (element). Since you may carry many elemental weapons, it's critical to swap between them before engaging in combat.

As you have probably noticed by now, the traits are playing a rock-paper-scissors game. If you are fighting a water monster, switch to your wind weapon since it will grant you extra bonus damage. This element may seem insignificant in the early stages of the game, but as your enemies get more powerful, you will need all the damage you can get.

Don't squander precious resources upgrading your gear in the early stages of the game. Wait until you have completed a few Dungeon runs to get a higher-grade weapon, which will be around level 16. Then boost it to at least +9 to have access to other metrics.

And while we're at this, don't forget to disassemble your old equipment to get resources such as enhancement shards, durability repair stones, and more.

Tip #6 - Take advantage of all the rewards and events

You may notice that there is never a shortage of quests and events in Summoners War: Chronicles. That means you will most likely never run out of things to do or places to explore, and that's good news - it means you will be able to upgrade your character and monsters quite quickly.

Even if you don't have time to play the game every single day, you should still find the time to log in to simply claim the log-in rewards, since they are extremely useful (especially as you're starting out). Then, you should always focus on doing your dailies and any other quests that you have available (or events) because in order to reach the late-game stages, every and all resources collected will play a role.

Tip #7 - It's summoning time!

It wouldn't be a proper Summoners War game without the actual summoning, right?

The best part is that once you complete the tutorial, you will also have access to a free summon with 30 reroll chances. That is a truly amazing feature that players can enjoy without having to worry about resetting their accounts. This summon can be rerolled for free up to 30 times, so you should check carefully the tier list we've mentioned before to know exactly which monsters to keep.

As for the remaining summons, you can spend your resources on anyone that you like. However, it's best to try for one that has the monster's element that you are missing (after the 30 free reroll gacha). The best possible thing would be to have at least one monster of each element, of at least 4*. That way you can deal with any type of enemy that comes your way.

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