Summer Sports Mania lets you live out your competitive sporting dreams

Coming out at a very suitable time too

Summer Sports Mania lets you live out your competitive sporting dreams
  • Summer Sports Mania lets you play all your favourite sports without getting out of your armchair
  • PowerPlay Studio's newest game lets you try out numerous sports, like the 100 meters sprit, archery and trap shooting
  • Compete in career mode and train your own athlete for international recognition

With summer heating up, the air getting warmer and the weather drying up, now's the time to get outside and play. But what if you've not got the time or the energy? Well maybe picking up PowerPlay Studio's newest game, Summer Sports Mania, is the way to go?

Summer Sports Mania lets you train and upgrade your own athlete in a variety of sports, including the 100-meter sprint, archery and trap shooting, with the promise of future updates introducing even more competitions such as track cycling and water sports.

But that's not all. You can also join clubs, or create your own, to compete in tournaments and earn international recognition. Add onto that a dedicated career mode, and Summer Sports Mania promises to offer everything an athletics fan could ask for in a game.

Archery in Summer Sports Mania By any other name

It's no surprise that Summer Sports Mania is coming out at this time of year, with the Olympics right around the corner. Of course, it can't use the name, given that's copyrighted, but it does at least offer a very similar bevvy of events that you can play. And with the career mode, you can enjoy long-term play as you upgrade your own athlete, similar to other simulationist games like Football Manager.

Summer Sports Mania is out now on Google Play and the iOS App Store.

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